Dirty Little Secret

I have only recently been made aware of a dirty little secret inside of the residential Roofing Industry that very few people either know about or will admit to. People are being told that they are receiving a 30 year roof when in fact they are only getting a 25...

Not Afraid

Recently I have been listening to all of the complaints about how Donald Trump is a racist. Personally I think this is total and complete Bullshit. There is a famous line from a Tom Cruise movie ( A Few Good Men ) where he demands the truth from the witness...

A Little intimidation

A little intimidation can go a looooong way to gaining compliance from your son or daughter when it comes to discipline. Now before anyone starts screaming that I am promoting child abuse. Let me stop you right here. I am not saying that you have to beat your child a...

The Boomers

I have been saying for years that the Baby Boomers were the worst generation in American history when it comes to parenting, and this afternoon I heard a commercial on the radio station KRLD that just backs me up. It was a commercial about a local retirement home. The commercial...

About the Blogger

A psychiatrist told me that if I were in a plane crash up in the mountains, where everybody else was killed, I'd be the one S.O.B. who refused to die. 10 days later I'd walk out of those mountains alive.

Consistently Persistent

Check out my personal biography on how I survived Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, a violent alcoholic father, an addicted mother, and a brother who was both. You never know if you'll be laughing, crying, or cussing page after page!


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